Tice is a filmmaker, filmwriter, director and actress.

Poetry Translation Centre YouTube

A commission from Poetry Translation Centre to create a series of films as part of a YouTube takeover. She explored internet culture through snippets taken from Yu Yoyo’s poems, audio edited and added voiceovers along with performing in alternative weather reports and creating an MTV Cribz inspired poetry home tour.

Subject to Change “cos now im missing our touchhh” commission

A commission from Barbican Centre, I produced the music, am one of the voices featured, performed and co-filmed the video. Exploring connectivity. How we can talk to one another through a blue screen. Grieving what we lost during the pandemic while treasuring togetherness and queer digital worlds. Missing touch. To make something that felt tactile and ASMR-y that helped people to feel the clubspace and cross distance. We painted ourselves blue in different flats. The laughter that you hear is Disa (aka Mandisa) when I last went to their house before the pandemic. Our breath became part of the drumline, with frying sounds from a hangover breakfast. We can’t recreate these things at home, but we can sample ourselves to play memories back and hold space for feeling disconnected, and less of ourselves in this time. Evaporating and returning. Just as these absences and digital adaptations of self can feel like a disappearance, they also bring us back to ourselves.